Francesca Amor is a counsellor based in Cambridge. I created a custom WordPress theme for her site, complete with practice-area post types that are fully editable and can easily be rearranged on the home page.

Custom testimonial post types allow a random selection to be displayed every time the page is loaded. Custom-written Javascript allows Italian testimonials to be toggled to English and back (using back-end custom translations, not automatic ones).

The site is fully scalable, so practice panels can quickly be converted to dedicated pages as more detail is added and space needed.

It’s fully responsive, with a mobile-first design.

Definitely recommended

Planning and launching a website can be quite daunting when you’re non-technical like me.

Kevin made it really easy – simplifying the jargon, listening carefully to what I wanted and incorporating my feedback. The site is everything I needed and more.

Definitely recommended.

- Francesca Amor

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